Community Use

Space Available for Meetings, Classes, Club Meetings and More! 

At our location in the education center


Goodtime Chinese School is seeking to lend our space at the education center from 8:30am-11: 30 am and 6:30pm-8: 30 pm daily.


The address for the Education center is: 15188 NW Central Dr. Suite #201


Our Mission: To provide a space for community members, tutors, club organizers, and teachers.

Details: Teachers and community members may use spaces within our building from 6:30pm-8: 30 pm daily at a reasonable rate of $3.00 per attendee per hour (including organizing persons).

-Rooms range in size from 200-1000 square feet.

-Rooms come with tables, chairs, and desks.

-A building equipped with a code to keep the building secure.


Interested users may contact us by email to set up an appointment to tour the space. Goodtime Chinese School does not provide users with materials or storage for materials. An application for a time bracket and payment will be made available upon agreement between an interested user and our school. Our school reserves the right to refuse services.


Prohibited Items on Grounds

To best promote the school’s safe and orderly school environment, any item that causes an interruption to the atmosphere or proves to be a safety hazard will not be allowed on the grounds.  If users bring such items to the grounds, the user will be prohibited from using the space until the item is taken off school grounds. Users who continue to violate the prohibitions may have their use of the space terminated completely.


Examples of these items include:

-Aerosol sprays (i.e., hairspray, perfume)

-Skateboards, roller skates, roller blades

-Imitation or real knives or weapons

-Tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, etc.

-Animals of any kind (with the exception of service animals)

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Please email us at 15285 NW Central Dr, Portland, OR 97229

If you need any accommodation in the application process, please contact us at (503) 616-5585

Thank you for your interest!

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