Destination Imagination

One of our teams won second place in their section for 2019! 

About: Our school participates in Destination Imagination! A team of students choose a challenge and work on it through Fall and Winter. They also practice their improvisation and fast thinking skills for the Instant Challenge. At the Regional Tournament in Spring, students will present their solution to the challenge and complete their Instant Challenge (a secret challenge that must be improvised!). Last year both of our teams placed in local and state tournaments! To find out more about Destination Imagination, visit the official website:


When: Students will be meeting from 5:00pm-6:30 pm at Goodtime Chinese School. Students may need to meet with more frequency as the tournament days approach. 


Restrictions: Teams shall consist of no more than 7 elementary aged children. Each team creates a team name and chooses a challenge with which to compete. Goodtime students must be in the 2nd-5th grade to participate. Goodtime Teams are not allowed to do the same challenge. Please visit Destination Imagination's (DI) official website to get more information.


Parent Participation: Destination Imagination and Goodtime Chinese School requires parent helpers and volunteers for special events, transportation, and chaperoning.


Attendance: Destination Imagination requires excellent attendance. Please make sure your child can make it to all meetings before signing up (unless he/she is sick or there are other emergency circumstances). 


Cost: Registration usually runs about $300 per team. There will also be a spending limit per challenge. This is dependent on the challenge. Families should be prepared to pay an additional $20-$50 dollars per student depending on the spending limit of the challenge and the number of students in a team. The more students in a team, the easier it is to share the cost!


Disclaimer: Goodtime has a strict code of behavior for DI participants and reserves the right to enforce the consequences for breaking school rules during DI meetings and tournaments. Violation of the school rules and safety protocols may result in a child's suspension or expulsion from the team. It is the Team Manager's decision as to which students will be in which groups. 



How can I sign my child up: Please inform Yan Zhou about your interest in the program. We will put students into groups based on age level. It is best to inform us in the summer or fall, to ensure your child has a spot on a team. 

Last year both of our teams won second place in their categories. 

2018 -2019 Teams

Thunder Rocket Launcers (TRL) 

Technical Challenge - On target 


Team Manager: Colette Lynch


Number of Members: 5

Students have to create an aircraft that takes off, flies, and lands. This aircraft also has to deliver five separate payloads. All while the children develop a story to explain what is happening. 

Monster Strength

Engineering Challenge - Monster Effects 

Team Manager: Colette Lynch-Sajo


Number of Members: 4

Students have to design and create a building that withstands weight. They also have to include a monster in their story that has a surprising result. The children decided on a  medieval theme for their story and building.

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