1. Preschool Tuition 

Days of Week  Tuition 
Full-time (5 days)/ 5 half days  $850/$550 monthly 
4 Full Days  $700 Monthly 
3 Full Days  $550 Monthly 
Drop-in  $50 dollars per day flat fee 
Material and Book Fee  $100 per semester 
One-time Registration Fee  $100 
Note:  For siblings, one child will receice a 5% discount. No refunds for sick days or vacation days. 

2. Elementary School K-2nd Tuition 

Registration Fee  $ 300 
Tuition (per year)  $9,900
Plan A

$300 paid upon signing the contract. The entire balance of tuition paid on or before June 31, 2018. Get a 2% discount on that year's tuition! That's a savings of 199.80*

Plan B $300 paid upon signing the contract. Sixty percent (60%) of total tuition paid on or before June 30, 3018. The remaining balance paid on or  before January 1, 2019* 
Note * After 3:15 pm- students can remain at Goodtime for after-school care at a discounted rate: $50 per month for after-school care instead of regular rate (paid month to month). 

3. Afterschool Tuition 

School and Fees  Tuition 
Forest Park Elementary  $350 monthy 
Bethany  $350 montly 

Findley, Jacob Wismer, 

Rock Creek, Bonny Slope, Springvill, Sato

$325 monthly 
Material and Book Fees  $ 50 per semester 
Deposit  $100 
Note: For siblings, 2nd and 3rd child will receive a 5% discount 

4. Weekend Tuition 

Tuition Per Quarter  $160.00
Registration  $50.00/ year
Note A text book fee may also be applicable

School Policies 

All students, teachers, parents, and guardians are asked to follow the rules and policies of our school while on school grounds.


Code of Conduct

1. Respect

  • People
  • Places
  • Things
  • Ideas

2. Be Safe

  • Keep yourself safe - be aware of your surroundings and don't put yourself in dangerous situations
  • Keep other people safe - be aware of your surroundings and don't put other people in dangerous situations


Parent & Guardian Conduct

  • Do not leave any of your children unattended while picking up your child, if your child is not signed up with our school, you as the parent are responsible for their care. Once your child is signed out, you are responsible for their care.
  • Please encourage your child to follow the rules and take our policies seriously.
  • Do not smoke on school grounds.
  • Please use polite language (in all languages) on school grounds. 
  • Please pick-up your child before closing (6:30 pm).
  • Please direct complaints or suggestions for improvement with management via email or schedule an appointment.
  • Do not park or block the handicapped spaces unless you have a handicap marker displayed in or on your vehicle - you will be towed or ticketed by the community police.
  • Drive slowly and cautiously upon pick up and drop-off.
  • Escort your child into the building upon drop-off. Escort your child out of the building upon pick-up.
  • Do not drop-off your child before 7:30 am. Child care staff is not yet prepared to welcome your child.

Behavior Report

Students who choose not to follow the rules will be asked to write a short report about their behavior. Their instructor will answer similar questions about the student's behavior. We ask that parents review the behavior report with their child at home and talk about appropriate ways to behave at school. Three behavior reports in a month will result in a more lengthy parent-teacher conference.



Referrals will be completed by instructors for behaviors such as but not limited to:

  • fighting
  • extended cursing
  • rages/destructive tantrums
  • damaging property
  • being unsafe

A student's attendance at our school may be put on hold or terminated if a students behavior does not improve upon intervention and discussion with the parent. 


After School Rules!
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Bus Rules
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