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Hello Parents and Guardians!



Our drivers are excited to see your child everyday after school. If you child is absent or does not need to be picked up on certain days, please let us know ahead of time. Safety is our number one goal! 

Please review shuttle rules with your child:

1. Buckle up and stay seated.

2. No food or drink.

3. Soft voices, quiet hands.

                                             4. Toys and books kept in backpack.

                                             5. Respect your neighbors, driver, and shuttle. 




                                             Buckle up everyone, let's go!


Shuttle Routes

Shuttle #1 - 


Shuttle #2 - 


Shuttle #3 - 


Shuttle #4 - 


Shuttle #5 - 


Shuttle #6 - 


Shuttle #7 - 




Pick-up Cost

School Tuition
Forest Park Elementary $350 monthly
Bethany $350 monthly

Findely, Jacob Wismer, Rock Creek, Bonny Slope,

Springvile, Kaiser K-5

$325 monthly
Registration Fee (one time) $50


NOTE: For siblings, one child will receive a 5% discount. No refund for sick days or vacation days

Bus Rules
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