Sick Child Policies

Please help us keep our students and staff healthy. 

School Rules

We expect our students to show respect and kindness towards all people, places, things, and ideas.

Field Trip Policies

Help your child be prepared and facillitate safety at all times.


Please follow these guidelines. If your child has any of these symptoms, please keep them home or they may be sent home.

1. Fever within the last 24 hours.

2. Excessive wheezing or coughing.

3. In the first two days of a cold, especially if the child is uncomfortable or has a runny nose with yellow/green mucous or a persistent cough.

4. Rash.

5. Diarrhea (three runny stools in a row).


6. Head Lice. 

7. If your child is unable to participate in activities.

Ask yourself this important question… if your child is healthy, would you want him/her playing with another child that has these symptoms?

If the answer is no, please do not bring him/her to school.

Thank you for your consideration!!

If you have any questions, call your preschool teacher in the morning between 9:00-9:15 a.m. at

503-616-5585 or 503-553-9666.


Goodtime Chinese School will notify parents in advance of all field trips requiring transportation and any other special arrangements necessary.

• A parent or legal guardian will sign an informed consent form for all field trips requiring transportation and will be responsible for any fees.

• A well stocked first aid kit along with the children’s emergency contact numbers will be taken on off-site activities.

• At least one staff member with current First Aid and CPR certification must accompany children on off-site activities.

• Field trips will be planned as part of the overall curriculum and/or children’s interests and will provide learning opportunities through hands on participation.

• Whenever possible the staff member will visit the site ahead of time to determine the safety of the location, experiences the children may gain, age appropriateness and to plan the route of transportation.

• Additional staffing may be needed to provide adequate supervision and will be scheduled in advance for these off-site activities.

• Children will be counted before leaving the School, during the field trip, and again at the time of departure to ensure that all children are accounted for.

• At least one staff member will have a cell phone in case of emergency on all off-site activities.

• A specific staff member will be assigned to each group of children. A staff member will always accompany children to a public restroom.

• All children will wear identifying information that gives the school's name and phone number.

• While on walking trips the staff member(s) will model pedestrian safety and teach the children to only cross at a corner, when traffic signals indicate it is safe, and after looking left, right and left again.

• Staff member(s) will keep younger children together on walking trips with the aid of a travel rope (a knotted rope) that the children hold onto which is stretched between two staff members while they walk. Children may also hold the hand of an adult or use other mean that keep the child physically connected to an adult at all times.

• If a child has medication needs, the leader staff member of the field trip will be responsible to take and administer the medication as needed.

School Rules

Our code of conduct is comprised of the following elements. The questions guide choices and decisions:

Safety: Are my actions safe for myself and others?

Respect: Do my actions show respect for myself and others?

Honesty: Do my words and actions represent the truth?

Responsibility: Do my actions meet with the expectations to take care of myself and be a dependable member of the community?

Courtesy: Do my actions help make this a nice place where people feel welcome and accepted, and where they can do their work?

We believe that all students have a responsibility to behave in an appropriate manner that allows teachers to teach and students to learn and does not violate the best interest of any individual in the school community. The following student expectations define more clearly the behaviors that align with the above five elements in the code of conduct:

For my safety and that of others

· I am expected to be aware of all rules and regulations for student behavior and obey them.

· I am expected to walk in and around the buildings.

· I am expected to limit my play to the playground and open area.

· I am expected to use school equipment as I have been taught.

· I am expected to be clean, properly groomed and dressed to meet fair standards of safety, health, and common standards of decency.

To protect my property and that of others

· I am expected to protect the school buildings, grounds, and equipment from damage, litter, and misuse.

To protect my rights and those of others

· I am expected to be as quiet as possible around classrooms so as not to disturb classes in session.

· I am expected to use only those materials assigned to me or belonging to me or shared with me by the owner.

I am expected to refrain from bullying behaviors: physical (hitting, kicking, pushing, etc.), verbal (taunting, name calling, threatening, malicious teasing, etc.), or psychological.

· Hurting (spreading rumors, intimidation, social exclusion, etc.).

· I am expected to refrain from using disrespectful, indecent or obscene gestures and/or profane or vulgar language.

· I am expected to be respectful to fellow students and adults.

Our discipline program aims at encouraging children to make appropriate choices in a climate of warmth and support. The following five general rules cover all of the above “expectations” and govern behavior at Goodtime Chinese School:

1. Follow the directions of all adults, teachers, and supervisors.

2. Use equipment and school property appropriately.

3. Stay in designated areas.

4. Do not use inappropriate language or behavior: swearing, teasing, backtalk, or disrespectful behavior to others.

5. Throw nothing on the playground, kitchen and bathroom.

For infractions of rules, students may receive a citation. Consequences for disregarding the rules usually includes loss of playground privileges, as well as communication and/or conferences with parents. For severe behavior, students may be suspended (in-school or home) and parent conferences will occur. Our goal is to keep the school and students safe, and we will do everything we can to keep GCS a positive place to be.

The following consequences may occur for disregarding the rules:

First Citation: Loss of playground privileges for one day. Parent's copy of citation signed and returned.

Second Citation: Loss of playground privileges for two days. Parent's copy of citation signed and returned.

Third Citation: Loss of playground privileges for three days. Parent/Teacher/Student conference.

In school suspension: Student removed from class and parent notified.

Suspension for severe behavior: Upon return parent/teacher/principal/student conference.

Criteria for severe disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, fighting, throwing and punches or trying to inflict pain or injury, stealing, vandalism, willful disobedience, and defiance of authority. Students causing severe disruption will be sent to the principal immediately, and may be dealt with in one of the following ways: immediate parent/principal conference; suspension; contact with police when necessary.


1. Come into the lab quietly and go to your assigned computer. Do not touch other keyboard or mice on the way to your computer. Read the board & begin assignment if one exists or wait for instructions before you do anything.

2. Only visit approved internet sites that you have permission to do so. Do not download anything unless told to do so. Never give your personal information. Do not share passwords with anyone other than your parents or teacher. If you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, turn off your monitor and let your teacher know immediately. Do not show it to your friends.

3. Make sure you leave your work space as you found it! Exit out of all programs. Hang up your headphones. Straighten your keyboard & mouse. Push in your chair. Collect and throw away any trash on your way out. Take your belongings and anything you have printed with you when you leave.

4. Print only if you have permission! Only press the print option once!

5. Use only your assigned computer. Do not move the icon on the desktop. Do not change any system settings without permission. Do not edit files that do not belong to you. Help others with your mouth and not their mouse.

6. Treat your classmates, your teacher & all equipment with respect. Help your neighbors if they need help - with your mouth and not their mouse! Do not talk when your teacher is talking.

7. Come to the computer lab with the clean hands. If you have just had food, please wash and dry your hands before you come to the lab. No banging your mouse or banging the keys on your key board. No hands on the monitors.

8. No food or drink allowed in the lab!

9. Read the screen BEFORE asking questions.

10. Lights out means -Your Attention Please. Remove your headphones. Take your hands off the keyboards and mouse. Wait for instructions.

11. Ask your immediate neighbor for help before you raise hand to ask your teacher. Do not get out of your seat to ask for help. Do not get out of your seat to help someone else. Be prepared to learn something new every day in Computer lab.
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