Getting to know us

Yan Zhou
Ling Li
Assistant director
Kylie Chen
Head of the Preschool department
Ms. Kylie also teaches our Kindergarten Chinese class
Colette Lynch-Sajo
Head of the English Department
Ms. Colette teaches our English kindergarten class and Preschool. Colette is the coordinator of our Destination imagination club. Also an afterschool teacher.
Wenjiao Wang
Head of the Elementary school
Mrs. Wenjiao teaches our 2nd grade Chinese class and an afterschool Chinese class.
Philip Ziller
2nd grade English and Preschool teacher
Mr. Phil teaches Afterschool math classes.
Qian Li
1st grade Chinese and Preschool teacher
Ms. Qian teaches afterschool dance classes.
Shannan Hughes
1st grade English and preschool teacher
Ms. Shannan teaches afterschool Cogat classes.
Shu Han Rui
Elementary school art and preschool teacher
Dan Li
Preschool and Afterschool Chinese teacher
Preschool teacher
Jun Yu
Chinese Afterschool and Preschool teacher
Nan Hu
Afterschool Chinese teacher
Preschool and afterschool Chinese teacher
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