2017 Goodtime Summer Camp - Thank you for being patient while we update our website!


June 19th through September 1st          

9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Free extended care: 7:30- 9am and 5-6:30pm


5 - 12 years old

Teacher Qualification

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lImmersion Chinese

lEnglish language: Public Speaking, Science, STEAM, Writing, Reading

lSingapore Math

lCogAt & Iowa Test of Basic Skills

lFine Arts


lWeekly themed activities 

lField trips every day for more activities





7:30 - 9:00am

Drop off and free activities

9 am - 12pm

Chinese language / English language / CogAt / IOWA

/ Singapore Math/ Arts & Crafts

12:00 - 12:30

Lunch time

12:30 - 3:00

Field Trips

3:00 - 5:00

Activities depending on the weekly theme (eg. during Cooking week

we will learn to cook. Please see next form)


Pick up and free activities


   A Wide Range of Activities




Field Trips

1st week

6/19 - 6/23



Soccer, basket ball, tennis, ping pong, badminton and a lot of traditional fun Chinese sports, such as Chinese Yo-Yo, rope skipping and more.

Terra Linda Park
Jacob Wismer Playground
Forest Park Playgound
Sauvie Island Farms (U-pick)

2nd week

6/26 - 6/30

Chinese Cooking


Campers will learn to make Jiaozi, Zongzi, Mooncake and Chinese New Year cake.

Washington Forest Park / picnic

Magnolia Park / water play

Tualatin Hills Playground


3rd week

7/3 - 7/7


Arts & DIY special projects

Calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese Tie-dye and DIY crafts

Oregon Zoo

Autumn Ridge Park

Beaverton City Park / water play

Forest Park playground

4th week

7/10 - 7/14




Learn and practice performing Chinese folk stories.Parents are welcome to enjoy the performance.


Sauvie Island farms

Jacob Wismer


5th week

7/17 - 7/21

Chess and board games


Competitions on Friday

Terra Linda Park
Commonwealth Lake Park

Beaverton City Park


6th week

7/24 -7/28

Dancing and Kung Fu

According to their interests, campers can choose to learn Chinese dances or Kung Fu. Performances on Friday.

Rose Garden and playground/picnic

Forest Park Playground

Seaside Beach


7th week

7/31 - 8/4

Chinese Cooking



The same as 2nd week



Autumn Ridge Park

Commonwealth Lake Park


8th week

8/7 - 8/11

Famous Painters: Life and imitation

Learn about a famous painter and try to imitate their art. Practice being art critics.

Sauvie Island Farm

Magnolia Park

Autumn Ridge Park


9th week

8/14 - 8/18

Dancing and Kung Fu

Chinese folk danceand Kungfu.

Parents are welcome to enjoy the Friday show.

Rose Garden,  

Beaverton City Park
Blue Lake


10th week

8/21 - 8/25


Campers write journals and design their own scrapbook.

Magnolia Park

Oregon Zoo 

Terra Linda Park


11th week

8/28 - 9/1

Learning from nature

Enjoy the last week of fun! We will do BBQ, picnic and go hiking.

Campers will vote from the popular choices.

  • Field trips are subject to change.
  • Weekly Newsletters will emailed to you with field trip schedules, locations and lunch menus before camp starts.




Summer Camp 


Deposit of $100.00







5% discount for early bird registration before April 30th. 5% discount

for registered Goodtime students  .

lSummer camp tuition does not include tickets and U-pick fruits, such as OMSI, Zoo and Sauvie Island U-pick berries etc.

lSummer camps provide hot lunches. The lunch fee is $4.00 for ages 5-7 and $5 for Age 8+. The menu will be sent to you with the Weekly Newsletter.


2017 Summer Camp Brochure
Summer Camp 2017 (2).pdf
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2017 Summer Camp Registration Form
Summer Camp Registration form (1).pdf
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Goodtime Steam Camps 2017

                                Goodtime offers four sessions of Steam Program Summer Camp. Each session is 2 weeks:

                                Session 1: June 26th through July 14th (No Steam Camp 7/3-7/7 July 4th): 
English writing, coding/sketch, reading & Vocabulary, CogAt

                                Session 2: July 17th through July 28th : Speech/debate, Science, ITBS, Math

                                Session 3: July 31st through Aug 11th : English writing, coding/sketch, Reading & Vocabulary, CogAt

                                Session 4: Aug 14th through Aug 25th: Speech/debate, ITBS, Science, Math 


Age and Class Size

                                 The Steam Camps are offered for 2nd Grade to 5th Grade students (age 7-11). The maximum class size is 10 students. Students will be grouped by grade level. 





7:30 - 9:00am

Drop off and free activities

Goodtime Staff

9am - 12pm

 Steam Courses

Jennifer Rose: English writing

Francois Vlach: Coding/sketch & Science

Lizzy Lawry: Speech/debate

Mattie Jones: Reading&V

Michael Hoeft: ITBS & Math

12:00 - 12:30pm

Lunch time

Goodtime Staff

12:30 - 3:30pm

Field Trips, sports ( Please check locations from Goodtime Summer Camp-print out )


We are hiring soccer and basketball coaches.

Field trip drivers and chaperones are

Goodtime staff.

3:30 - 5:00pm

Arts & Crafts:  2 days a week

Weekly theme activities: 2 days a week

(Please see what we do from the Goodtime Summer Camp-print out)

A full afternoon field trip once a week.

Lizzy Lawry & Luna Yu: Art


Pick up and free activities

Goodtime staff


  • Goodtime can transport students to other camps in the afternoon if needed.
  • We are talking with swimming camps in the afternoon. If students would like, we can do the transportation.



Camp Duration


Summer Camp 


Deposit of $100.00

               2 weeks, full-time


1 week, full-time


    2 weeks, mornings


  1 week, mornings


5% discount for students registered before April 30th, and 5% discount

for Goodtime afterschool students.

lSummer camp tuition does not include tickets and U-pick fruits, such as OMSI, Zoo and Sauvie Island U-pick berries etc.

lYou can order our camp’s hot lunches. The lunch fee is $4.00 for ages 5-7 and $5 for Age 8+. The menu will be sent to you with Weekly Newsletter.

2017 Steam Camp Brochure
Steam Camp 2017 (2).pdf
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2017 Steam Camp Registration Form
Steam Camp Registration form (2).pdf
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Winter Camp 2016-2017


Dec 19, 2016 through Dec 30, 2016 (no camp on Dec 26)

9:00 am - 5:00pm (7:30 - 9am & 5 - 6:30pm Free Extended Care)


1. For new students tuition is $45.00 per day. The registration fee is $25.

2. For current after school students, tuition is $40 per day, with no registration fee. This rate starts on Dec 21 (Dec 19 & Dec 20 count as no school day rates).

3. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided.

4. Tuition is due on Nov. 30.

Classes and activities

Week Classes Activities Field Trip
12/19 - 12/23 Speech/Debate
English reading
English writing
Cog At
Make Christmas trees with fruits and vegetables


Christmas Party on Friday afternoon.

Outdoor activities for fine weather.
1. Hillsboro Main Library.
 2. Nearby Parks.
12/27 - 12/30 Abacus
Handcraft: Chinese knots.

Making dumplings.

New Year's Party on Friday afternoon.

Outdoor activities for fine weather.
1. OMSI ($5 per child without member's card).
2. Nearby Parks.
Please check the lunch menu if you want to order lunch for your child. It is $3 for age 5. $4 for ages 6-7. $5 for ages 8 and up:
12/19 Brewed Pork with starch noodle, white rice Broccoli, banana Milk and water
12/20 Pork and vegetable dumpling Baby carrots, orange Milk and water
12/21 Spaghetti, egg Cucumber, banana Milk and water
12/22 Pork meatball with tofu, white rice Broccoli, orange Milk and water
12/23 Fried rice and egg Cucumber, apple Milk and water
12/27 Brewed beef with potato, white rice Broccoli, apple Milk and water
12/28 Cheese pizza, ham Cucumber, banana Milk and water
12/29 Fried rice with egg Broccoli, orange Milk and water
12/30 Pork and chive dumplings, made by students Baby carrots, banana Milk and water
Click and print 2016-2017 Winter Camp Weekly Activities
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Click and print the 2016-2017 Winter Registration Form
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