Morning Preschool Classes

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Owl Class   猫头鹰 班

Level: Beginner Chinese

Age 3 

Mrs. Lucie

Woodpecker Class    啄木鸟 班

Level: Beginner/Intermediate Chinese

Age 3-4

Ms. Lindsey


Eagle Class  小鹰班

Level: Intermediate/Advanced Chinese

Beginner English

Age 3-4

Mrs. Lucie, Mr. Dylan

Egret Class   白鹭 班

Level: Advanced Chinese

Age 4-5

Mrs. Wang


Chinese & English Kindergarten  幼儿园

Level: Advanced Chinese 

Advanced English

Age: 4-5

Mrs. Wu, Ms. Lizzy

Meadowlark Class     百灵鸟班

Level: Intermediate Chinese

Age 3-4

Ms. Kylie

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