Art  K-2nd Grade

Class Title: Art

Grade Level: K-2nd Grade

Day and Time: Monday-Friday

Duration of Unit Theme: March-June

Teacher: Ms. Lizzy (MF), Mr. Ziller (W), Ms. Colette (T,TH)


Theme: Discovering Great Artists Hands-on Art for Children in the Style of the Great Masters

 by Kim Solga & MaryAnn F. Kohl


Big Ideas:Impressionist Artists: Monet (Dabble in Paint), Degas (Resist in Motion), Morisot (Making Paint with Texture), Homer (Wilderness Watercolor), Cassatt (Monoprint), Van Gogh (Starry Night), Gauguin (Suprising Colors), Seurat (Pointilist Color Cards), Russell (Western Sunset)


Student Work:

Students will…


  • Learn about an important artist.
  • Analyze examples of the artist’s work.
  • Emulate some facet of the artists work and complete their own art project(s).
  • Learn big ideas about important art movements.
  • Reflect on what they have learned and their own artistic preferences at the end of each big idea.
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