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Welcome to our website! Our non-profit school is ready to welcome your preschooler for full and half day care. Aftercare is provided for elementary students  in a variety of subjects including, test prep, Chinese, and STEAM. We are commited helping our students become citizens of the world.


We want to promote personal development of your children to prepare them as best we can for the challenges that lie ahead in life. Our staff consists of experienced, certified and continually trained educators.

Children learn through play!

The team

Each member of our staff has a specialty subject to share with your child. Find out more today!

Early Childhood Development

Our instructors and caregivers are excited to help your child gain proficiency in both gross and fine motor skills through immersive activities. 

We are there - for your child and for you

Your child's emotional and achademic development is of paramount importants to us.  Our staff consists of experienced and continually trained instructors who are ready to help your child face his or her challenges head on! Goodtime Chinese School is a preschool and after-care center in Bethany Village that will take care of your children with love and commitment.

Now enrolling for Kindergarten and 1st Grade!

Welcome! We are always updating our website with helpful information! We are now enrolling students for preschool and after-school programs for the 2018-2019 school year!




We hope GoodTime Chinese School will be the most beautiful memory of our students' childhood

and their most unforgettable experience of learning the Chinese language and cultures.

Goodtime Chinese School (GCS), is a non-profit organization registered in Oregon State. We specialize in teaching Mandarin Chinese by providing immersion programs that make learning easy and fun. We take a step-by-step approach that develops student's Chinese in listening, speaking, reading and writing . GCS also provides courses on Chinese culture in areas such as cooking and art! All levels are offered from no-knowledge of Chinese to full fluency. We also offer enrichment courses in math, writing and the arts. Our facilities include six large classrooms, a large and private preschool wing, a fully equipped computer lab, one massive art and crafts room, a Lego playroom, two kitchens, indoor and outdoor play areas and several restrooms for exclusive use.

Currently we offer a thriving preschool, a half day kindergarten, an after-school program and weekend Chinese. We also provide exciting camps for summer and winter break. All the Chinese language classes and activities are based on Chinese immersion techniques and are held by experienced teachers whose native tongue is Mandarin Chinese.

Our courses are structured around the needs of our students and their families. We offer great flexibility and personal lesson plans to meet every child's learning level. Our outstanding teachers take pride in the progress of our students as well as the success of our excellent staff.

GCS is certified by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission.

GoodTime Chinese School welcomes you!


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